FRAM Fuel Filters

Fuel Filters

One of the causes why a vehicle lose power is due to a capped or saturated fuel filter. The fuel filter protects the injection system, taking away impurities from the fuel.

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FRAM Fuel filters capture harmful contaminants in the fuel system, that can cause serious and costly damages to components as fuel pumps, fuel lines and injectors generating failures and bad engine performance.


  • All FRAM fuel filters use a special mixture of cellulose fibers and resin.
  • The quality of the filtration element is given by a combination of cellulose fibers that provide higher efficiency and service life to the filter.
  • Large filtering area: Large filtering area means higher filtration capacity and longer the filter change period.
  • The thickness and fibers used in the filtration element lead to a benefit in their efficiency and capacity to capture impurities.

Installation Instructions

  1. Be sure of install the right fuel filter.
  2. When changing the fuel filter, be sure that there are not flames.
  3. Some fuel systems are pressurized even with off engine. It is important that the system is depressurized before fuel filter change. Review the procedure recommended by the vehicle manufacturer to depressurize the fuel system.
  4. When changing the fuel filter, it is important to follow the procedure recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.
  5. Depending of the filter, loosen the support screws and disconnect the hoses. Inspect the hoses to be sure that there are not parched or cracked.
  6. Depending if the filter uses quick connectors, compress the latches through the nozzle holes in the connectors or use the appropriate tool and remove them- Check that the O'rings are in place and in good condition. Place the new filter.
  7. When installing the filter repeat the process depending of the filter. Some filters needs to be connected to physical ground, be sure to connect it.
  8. After fuel filter installation, start the engine and verify that there are no leaks.

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